मिती २०७०-०६-२० मा सम्पन्न यस फाइनान्सको १८औं वार्षिक साधारण सभाले अनुमोदन गरे बमोजिम आर्थिक वर्ष २०६९ / ७० को मुनाफाबाट शेयरधनी महानुभावहरुलाई मिती २०७०-०६-२१ गते सोमवारदेखी चुक्ता पूँजीको १३.०० प्रतिशतका दरले नगद लाभांश वितरण भइरहेको छ।

We, Mahalaxmi Finance Limited, have a track record of continuous distribution of dividend since 16 years out of 17 years of its operation. This was possible only due to the faith of our valued customers and the service provided by us to them, that’s why we are always “striving for excellence
As for the growth of the company, we have clear goals which are intense focus towards customer’s satisfaction, strong team work as a garrison to resolve any problem; measurable outcome i.e targeted and calculated return for our shareholders
We are always with you as “Your Partner for Financial Solution.” and “We value your time.

Mr. Ramesh Kumar Bhattarai
Chief Executive Officer

Effective Magh 21, 2070
Normal Saving: 5.00%
Special Saving: 5.25%
Premium Saving: 6.00-6.50%
Dhan Barsa: 6.00-6.50%
Corporate A/c: 2-6.50%
Bal Bachat: 5.25%
Jestha Nagarik Saving: 5.75%
Awakash Bachat: 6.25%
PF Deposit: 5.25%
Remittance Saving: 6.25%
Share Dhani Bachat: 6.00%
Share Holder Saving: 6.50%
Hire Purchase: 13-16%
Housing Loan: 13-16%
Share Loan: 11-15%
Personal Loan: 13-16%
Deprived Sector Loan: 12-16%
Working Capital Loan: 12-16%
Term Loan: 12-16%
Trade Loan: 12-16%
Industrial Loan: 12-16%
Agriculture Loan: 12-16%
Education Loan: 13-16%

 Base Rate & Spread


Base Rate
The average rate
(calculated as per NRB directive)
Yield Rate Cost of Fund Spread
2070 Poush 10.83% 13.46% 8.03% 5.43%
2070 Magh 10.44% 12.86% 7.68% 5.18%
2070 Falgun 10.78% 13.19% 7.94% 5.25%